Coscontv FAQ

What is cosplay?
Wikipedia defines cosplay as "a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea." Basically, it means that you dress up in a costume (like Halloween!).

Do I have to act like my character while I am in costume?
No. Some people do choose to role-play while they are in costume, but it is by no means required, unless you are participating in an event like the Dating Game or Cosplay Chess.

Do I have to be in cosplay to attend the convention?
Absolutely not. Many people attend the convention in street clothes, you will not feel out of place if you are not in costume.

Where do I get a costume?
Some people make their own costumes, some buy them from places like Ebay or specific costume retailers. Still others commission people to make their costume for them. It is not required that you make your own costume unless you are competing in the Masquerade or the Hall Cosplay Contest, where you will be judged on your craftsmanship.

How do I decide who to dress up as?
Dress up as whoever you like! There are no rules as to who should dress as what.

Should I dress up as a character who is or isn't popular?
As stated in the question above, you should dress as a character you love, regardless of their popularity. Be aware that wearing a costume from a little-known source may mean that you won't be asked for as many pictures, but the people who DO recognize you will be thrilled to find you!

Can I wear a costume that ISN'T from an anime or Japanese video game?
Yes! While we are an anime convention, we do not require that cosplays be exclusive to Japanese media (unless you are planning on wearing the costume to participate in a specific cosplay event, like Masquerade or Chess).

Will people take my picture if I cosplay?
Almost certainly. It is very common for people to request photographs from people wearing costumes, particularly of popular characters. Practice your poses, just in case. This said, if you aren't comfortable with people taking your picture, don't be afraid to say so. The vast majority of people are respectful of the cosplayer's wishes and will not photograph you without your consent. If someone does snap a photo without asking, you may politely ask them to delete it.

What is "cross-play"?
This is a phrase used to describe cosplaying as the opposite gender from your own. A girl dressing up as a boy character, or a boy dressing as a girl, would be cross-play. It is very common.

I want to make my own costume, but I don't know how. Where can I learn?
There are many fine tutorials over on www.cosplay.com, in the forums section. You may also want to look into taking sewing classes at your local university or fabric store (Jo-Ann fabrics often offers beginner's level sewing courses).